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If or it has created its own Webpage or its Store Online, and what it needs is to realise his maintenance, can contract our services. We will make a previous study and we will orient to him in all the necessary one.

One of the characteristics of the world of Internet is the constant change and its fast evolution. So that any Webpage or Store Online has optimal results is necessary to maintain updated it with new contents, new images, new products that maintain live the Web and attract the interest permanently.

On the other hand and at internal level, it is necessary to constantly update the resources used by the Web, to guarantee his security and that it can totally continue being operative.

The aim always will be to optimize and to improve the yield of its Web, for it we offer maintenance services of Webpages and Development of Stores Online, as much for the created ones by us, as for all those that, once created, need changes or updates for their better operation.

Maintenance Web

We are specialized in pages done with WordPress.
The tariffs are customized for each client, based on their needs.

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Why is necessary a good Maintenance Web?

A maintenance Web, so that he is professional and of quality, must include the following requirements:

Servant and Web Hosting

First that there is to know he is in what Servant is lodged the Web to know what resources are had. Among others things a good speed of load to avoid the abandonment is necessary of those who is visiting to us.


Since all the webpages try to be attacked constantly, the service of security must be carried out by specialists, and must include a periodic monitoring that warns to us if they appear vulnerabilities. Here also the chosen Servant has much importance.

Positioning SEO in Finders

The search engine optimization or the optimization of web search engines is a basic process to improve the visibility of a website in the results of the Finders, thus must be intrinsic in the design of the Web. We need that in the Finders of Internet it finds the people us who do not know us don't mention it.

Update of contents

To update the content of the Web, to introduce new images, texts€¦ or products in case of the Stores Online.

Updates of software

If the Web is done with WordPress, it is necessary to update all the plugins, subjects and others when it is necessary, if it will not remain obsolete and it will be imprisoned easy of any hacker with bad intentions.

Backup copy of the Web

There are many Servers who already are in charge to make daily backup copies, even four to the day, but even so, to have more security, he is advisable to from time to time make some backup copy in a space Web that is not in the same Servant.

Customized support

A constant communication between the person is necessary who takes to the maintenance of the Web and its client. Any change must on both sides be agreed.

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